Inside/Outside: Work from Intersections



Inside/Outside is a series of four handmade natural object vignettes contained in acrylic cubes placed off the north side of Berryman Path in Live Oak Park just below Oxford Street. Like a game of I Spy, the four pieces hide from view in plain sight. They reflect the tension between real and make believe, what is indigenous and what is imported, and what is accessible and what is constrained. The distinct feeling of being boxed in and isolated from our surroundings over the last six months of the pandemic emerges from the pieces as well.

Dawline-Jane first visited this site in late February, just as the new Berkeley spring bloom burst forth. The creek was flowing, the trees were budding, and the new plant growth exploding. Now as the seasons shift into fall, the tone of the pieces is a bit different. Instead of budding life, they suggest a closing in and preparing for the next phase of growth to come.






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