Home Makers

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 30 4:30-6pm with artist talk following

Exhibition dates: August 30 – September 28

A Group Exhibition featuring Ashley Lawson, Kimberly Trathen & Crystal Ann Brown


Kimberly Joy is a textile artist living and working in Thomas, WV. She spends most of the time in her studio – Backstitched Design – where she creates reclaimed leather and textile bags, accessories, and quilts. Her work is inspired by the rich tradition of work clothes quilts and the resourcefulness of the individuals and communities who created them. By combining remnants from previous projects into new works, she produced the series of leather and textile collages currently on display at The Romano Gallery.


Ashley Lawson lives in Buckhannon, WV, where she teaches English at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Her work seeks to bring new life to vintage photographs through embroidered accents while still honoring the original image.  She sells her work–along with an assortment of vintage clothing, music, and ephemera–at Quattro Music Company/Frock and Roll, a store that she owns with her husband in Thomas, WV.

Crystal Ann Brown is an interdisciplinary artist who creates work that references the domestic and the everyday in her dual role as mother/artist. This blending of her studio practice with her daily life also touches on its inherent challenges. In her words, “my love/hate relationship with my kitchen might manifest in my drawings and paintings that celebrate work and the labor of love with a hint of fury and frustration shown in the economy of line found in blind contour drawings.”


Crystal is the founder and director of The Hown’s Den: A Nomadic + Domestic Exhibition Space that strives to bring new ways of viewing contemporary art to her community. Crystal has a master’s degree in Sculpture and Expanded Practice from the School of Art at Ohio University and a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture with a minor in Art History from Kendall College of Art and Design.