What if for sure

November 10 – November 17,  2016

Closing Reception: November 17,  4:30-6PM

Artist talk at 6PM

What if for sure

An Exhibition by John Burt Sanders and Haylee Ebersole

What if for sure is an exhibition of paintings by John Burt Sanders and sculptural work by Haylee Ebersole. The title calls to mind both the abundance of potential outcomes, “what-ifs,” as well as the inevitability of certainties, those things in the world that are “for sure.” At once a contradiction occurs in which the possibility of potential seems to restrict the possibility of certainty and vice versa. Sanders and Ebersole’s work embraces this contradiction.

John Burt Sanders: Systems of order foster a stable understanding of the world, constructing a materially and conceptually organized view our surroundings. Yet, this categorical thinking is incomplete: omitting that which is incapable of being categorized it fails to address the abundance that accumulates everywhere. Sander’s work questions the necessity of such systems and seeks to locate that which has been left out. To do this, he often connects seemingly disparate ideas and subjects, such as a Colonial era political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin and the reductive color palette of Alexander Rodchenko. This work asks viewers to forge connections which may not already exist and consider the potentially endless overlapping quality of our understanding.

Haylee Ebersole’s current work utilizes unorthodox materials, such as crystallized gelatin, to create abstract sculptures. Drawing inspiration from the many objects, motifs, and images that infiltrate our daily lives, her sculptures resemble a collection of archaeological finds which call to mind various organic matter, geological formations, and man-made objects. She incorporates everything from mass-produced storage containers and trash to architecture and Pinterest trends to derive form, material, and texture. As a whole, Ebersole’s work emerges as a field of cryptic yet familiar objects that envisage her own kind of anthropocenic landscape, one in which she contemplates the traces our human existence may leave behind.

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