2016 Senior Art Walk – April 28

APRIL 25 – 29, 2016


Recent works by Shawna Clayton — part of the second of two 2016 Art Walks

Artists graduating in May will be holding receptions for their final exhibitions in the three galleries at WVWC — the Sleeth and Corner Galleries on the first floor of McCuskey Hall and the Student Art League Gallery below the narthex of Wesley Chapel. There will be an art walk connecting the gallery spaces and visitors will be able to attend all three events. At 5:45pm, the art walk will lead to Hyma Auditorium on the first floor of the Christopher Hall of Science for talks given by the three artists which will begin at 6:00pm. Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minute feedback session with guest reviewers who will ask questions and give feedback to the artists.

Sleeth Gallery

Shawna Clayton (painting) – Clayton’s works are created through the transfer of energy drawn from daily experiences onto the canvas, acknowledging, confronting, and resolving stressors in particular. Using both aggressive, bold strokes and calm controlled marks she seeks to express raw feelings such as frustration, fear, and peace.


Corner Gallery

Telena Sanson (installation) – Sanson has created an environment that visually describes her stage in the coming ­of ­age process. She emphasizes the desire to hold onto childhood, the unknown future, and the reality that one can only move from where they currently are. The exhibition will feature a variety of media including installation art.


Student Art League Gallery

Caroline Schneider (painting)