2016 Senior Art Walk – April 21

APRIL 14 – 21, 2016

Mutual Decay

Recent works by Courtney Chidester — part of the first of two 2016 Art Walks

Artists graduating in May will be holding receptions for their final exhibitions in the three galleries at WVWC — the Sleeth and Corner Galleries on the first floor of McCuskey Hall and the Student Art League Gallery below the narthex of Wesley Chapel. There will be an art walk connecting the gallery spaces and visitors will be able to attend all three events. At 5:45pm, the art walk will lead to Hyma Auditorium on the first floor of the Christopher Hall of Science for talks given by the three artists which will begin at 6:00pm. Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minute feedback session with guest reviewers who will ask questions and give feedback to the artists.

Sleeth Gallery

Courtney Chidester (painting and drawing) – The exhibition will consist of graphite drawings and mixed media paintings that explore the relationship between humans and nature, and their correlation to decomposition and growth.


Corner Gallery

Brandon Trawick (drawing and printmaking) – Trawick’s work is tied directly to the idea of becoming overwhelmed with negative emotions. Through his work he explores creating physical representation for his pent up negative emotions. The work within this exhibition confronts the audience with Trawick’s on personal skirmish with the corruption of his physical body.


Student Art League Gallery

Elaine Ashman (3D glass installation) – For this exhibition Ashman has created mobiles composed of shards of glass on which she has documented comments that people have made to her and her peers in regards to their art careers. The shards of glass and fragmented comments symbolize the breakaway from the starving artist stereotype. By shattering the comments and turning them into art, she is creating beauty from the skepticism that young artists experience.