MARCH 24 – APRIL 23, 2015


An exhibition of recent works by Artist-in-Residence Zara Feeney

The opening reception will begin at 4:30pm with an artist talk beginning at 6:00pm.

Zara Feeney’s paintings employ highly saturated color, layering and a changing contrast between positive and negative spaces to challenge how the audience views and experiences the work. These dynamic perceptions create energy between the subject of the painting, the viewer and the space they occupy.

Feeney was born in Thousand Oaks, CA, and has received her MFA from Laguna College of Art + Design and a BA from the University of California Los Angeles. She has practiced her craft under well-respected artists such as Lari Pittman, Catherine Opie, James Welling, F.Scott Hess and Peter Frank. Her goal for her work is to give it its own internal logic that makes the piece a unique statement on its own and creates an autonomous experience for the viewer.

More of Feeney’s work can be seen online at