Excerpts and Singles

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Artist Statement:

I am most engaged by exhibitions and institutions that showcase a breadth of works in material, scale, content, format, and refinement. It is this broad array that allows for unanticipated connections, oppositional qualities, and lengthy tangents. This enjoyment of the scatter-shot is tempered against a desire for cohesion, but more in mindset than materiality. It is with these sentiments that I have pulled and produced works for “excerpts and singles.

My inspirations come from both common culture and the fine arts, and by default, the signifiers associated with them. This duality of inspiration is mirrored in my studio production, which allows for a constant feedback loop of both calculated choices and serendipitous discoveries. I desire the finished works to have the critical lens of formal inquiry, contextual theory, and visual ambiguity; offset and tempered with points of levity and easy invitation.

The most recent works pay homage to blue-chip artists and intentionally reference many inherently blue-collar pursuits, such as home remodeling, automobile modification, and local sports leagues. This work pulls from and adds to our ever-growing collective history, from which inspiration is drawn, and an often dyslexic reading occurs.

Bob Marsh is an artist and educator based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work often incorporates a range of media at varying scales, which currently embraces iconic American imagery and dark humor. He received his MFA from SDSU in San Diego, California and has been an artist-in-residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center (CO), Haystack Mountain School of Craft (ME), and The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (ME).