Yoidles! Productions: Feigning Relevance

Exhibition Duration: November 1-30, 2018

Bio —

Brooks Wenzel (Yoidles! Productions) abandoned the stability of a field engineering’s salary, company truck, and benefits in order to earn an MFA and pursue art. Loosely based in Ohio and West Virginia, Wenzel, is an adjunct professor and works in the performing arts industry – recently touring with the musician Björk and working as an art director in Los Angeles. His work has been featured in dozens of cities across North America and Europe (though occasionally without invitation) including galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and several international publications. He has given lectures at Universities and Galleries from LA and Arizona to the East coast.

Artist Statement–

Yoidles! Productions challenges its viewers to a life-long commitment to develop their intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and leadership potential and to set and uphold standards of excellence.

Firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition and closely related to The United States of America, Yoidles! is a community of learning based on fundamental principles formed at the intersection of USA and liberal education: intellectual rigor, self-discovery, human dignity, mutual support, social justice, self-discipline, mental and physical wellness, the appreciation of diversity and the natural world, and the judicious use of resources.

Yoidles! recognizes and affirms its interdependence with the external communities – local, regional, national, and global – and its covenant with the people of West Virginia to share its educational and cultural resources.
Yoidles! Productions prepares its viewers through its curriculum of arts and sciences, preprofessional, professional, and graduate studies, and its rich life program. As a residential institution of higher art, Yoidles! aspires to challenge broadly educated men and women who:

Think critically and creatively,
Communicate effectively,
Act responsibly, and
Demonstrate their local and world citizenship through service.

For more information on Brooks Wenzel check out his website.